Federer. Sublime!

Federer trounces his opponent yet again to win his 9th Grand Slam title. Federer is on course to become the most prolific tennis player ever. Watch out Sampras!


Development productivity

This is my development environment.

my dev env

It’s a bit cluttered but works for me. Any suggestions? I finally posted this pic after finidng my Nikon camera. I thought I lost it. What a relief…

Searching couldn’t be easier in vi unless you could use vi to search the web so here it is visearch

Thank You Andre!

Andre Agassi Farewell

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the adventures. Thanks for those kind word. Tennis fans will miss you. There will never ever be another Andre Agassi. I hope your life after tennis is as fullfilling as it was while on the court.

The day is that much better after some exercise and fresh air. So go ahead, workout. You won’t be dissapointed!

Verizon gets its act together due to fierce competition and is in the process of re-wiring New York with fiber. FIOS looks promising if it can deliver the high speeds.

I wants my FIOS…

It’s not everyday that a major oss project releases two updates to the public.

Yesterday, I updated my systems from 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5 -> 1.1.6. Let the safe times roll…

So I’m getting my hands dirty with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I needed some documentation on the API so I could use some built in methods. Surprisingly, the site is down. Upgrade? DOS? New Rails version?

Even the trac is down.

What’s going on?

yes, that’s correct. yoga bonito. attended the first of many yoga sessions this evening.
monday nights: yoga bonito

wednesday nights: joga bonito

Q: What’s the best activity to occupy yourself with while a new kernel compiles?

A: 100 ab crunches or 50 ab crunches and 50 leg pull-ups

It’s my new exercise plan. I augment my post jog crunches/sit-ups with this new routine. Anytime I build a new package or compile a new kernel, I get on the floor and start crunching.